In Cooking Customers you will need to hire cooks to make meals so that you can serve your customers and win the game. All while avoiding horrible kitchen injuries and death, health inspections, complaining customers and so much more.

Game Content

The game consists of:

120 Custom Playing Cards (85 of which are totally unique) 

36 Table Cards

30 Meal tokens

4 custom dice

and a rule book

Object and Game Play

Each Player will need a cook in play to be able to roll the custom dice. Cooks vary in ability from being able to roll 1-4 dice on your cooking roll. 

 The dice indicate whether or not a meal is prepared to serve your table. But beware, if you roll and all the dice say FIRED you'll have to get rid of your cook.

The Table Cards: 

The front of the table cards indicate how many meals you need to complete the table and the back indicates how much money you earn in tips. You must be the first to earn $20 in tips to win the game. 

Cooking Rolls and Scoring

When you have a cook equipped, you can roll the dice. 

 For every meal you roll you can place one token on your table card to indicate a cooked meal. If you roll all fired dice you must fire your cook and discard them. The blank side of the dice has no effect either way. You can add dice to your roll by equipping positive cards on yourself such as the energy drink card or you can take dice away from your opponents by playing negative cards on them.

Positive and Negative Cards

We have over 30 Plus and Minus cards that add and subtract dice from your roll and all of them are unique... no repeats. This makes for great replay-ability. We also have thief's, health inspectors, kitchen fires and so much more! We have 10 unique customer complaint cards but don't worry you'll have the chance to deflect the cards by attempting to cook the customer or using the instant cook cards such as the Cool Off Card. (shown below) We threw everything we could think of into this game to give you the experience of what it's like to work at a restaurant, albeit a humerus and far fetched one. 

The Cards

As you may have noticed the cards have many different colors. We have done this to help players know what kind of card they have in their hand at a glance.